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my favorite animal is the scapegoat.  
Welcome to lexiewrites, my (lexie_b) writing journal. It includes fan fiction for Dark Angel, Harry Potter, Lost and Rent, and many original works. I have been writing since I was old enough to grip a pencil, and I have been publishing online for seven years (since I was about eleven). Fic is organized by tags. My writing is also archived at my writing domain, Written-Word.Org, and at FanFiction.Net..

My personal journal is friends-only, but feel free to go over there and friend me. If you have any questions, please check out the F.A.Q, or email me.

lady_pluto is my RPG and Extremely Rough Draft journal for various Minako/Setsuna fics.

affiliates; writers that blow my mind.  
time_flies_dies; amazing Rent fan fiction by 45ygb